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            Our Firm


            Over 30 Years of Experience with Disability Cases

            At the Good Law Group, our staff understands how difficult it can be to apply for SSD or SSI benefits. We work tirelessly to help you obtain all the necessary documentation, meet all related deadlines and complete your application in a manner that best demonstrates your need of and eligibility for disability benefits from the SSA.

            While we offer you the experience and knowledge of a large firm, we provide you with the personal service you would expect from a small one. We take the time to listen to your story and understand your specific health conditions before offering our thoughtful advice on your eligibility and the potential benefits you may expect to receive.

            Since no two cases are alike, we work hard to address your unique situation so that we can help you obtain the financial assistance you need from the Social Security Administration. With over 30 years of experience, we handle all levels of your SSD/SSI application including federal appeals.

            Get a Free Case Evaluation Today


            For over 25 years, our founding attorney, Neil H. Good, has made sure that our firm provides effective and efficient Social Security Disability assistance to disabled and ill clients throughout the Chicago, Illinois, area as well as nationally on a case by case basis.

            Neil H. Good speaks on topics related to Social Security Disability benefits and Supplemental Security Income to hospital support groups, health groups, township services organizations, social services organizations, community groups and others. If you would like to schedule a free presentation and question-and-answer session about SSD and SSI, please contact乐福彩票网客户端下载.


            Having grown up following in his father’s footsteps, Shawn Good knew from a young age that he wanted to be an attorney. Shawn is a highly organized, hardworking and zealous advocate for those in need. Shawn obtained his B.A. in Literature from Southern Illinois University. He attended law school at the Indiana Institute of Technology, where he later obtained his Juris Doctor, and he spent his third year of law school as a visiting student in Boise, Idaho at Concordia University Law School.

            Recordings of Shawn’s Oral Argument In the United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit:

            Business Development

            Rebecca Levinson leads business development for the Good Law Group, spearheading all aspects of marketing and advertising in coordination with the office. Rebecca’s professional experience spans 25 years of sales and marketing, including specific law office management experience.

            In Rebecca’s spare time she enjoys spending time with her children, friends and family, traveling and her passion for music and dance.

            Associate Paralegal

            As an associate paralegal at The Good Law Group, Ashley Hampton is responsible for scheduling all appointments and hearings for the Good Law Group. Her other responsibilities include setting collecting updated information from clients, handling new case intakes, preparing documents for new case files, and preparing the attorneys for their daily appointments and hearings.

            Ashley enjoys spending her spare time with family, friends and her dog. Ashley has a passion for working with animals and enjoys volunteering at the Chicago Animal WareFare league, traveling, and listening to music.


            Associate Paralegal

            As an associate paralegal and file clerk, Kathryn handles the firm’s medical record requests and case research for the Good Law Group. Kathryn is responsible for organizing and maintaining all of the paper and electronic medical records. She also handles communicating with medical providers and medical record requests. Additionally, she assists in a variety of office tasks including case intakes, document retrieval,communication with clients and Social Security Administration representatives.

            Kathryn received her Associates of Science in Paralegal studies from Northwestern Business College in Chicago. She is currently pursuing her Bachelors of Science degree in Business Administration and Law at Western Carolina University.

            Kathryn enjoys her spare time by listening to music and spending time with her fiancé and children.